What is Bindu Wheel?

Bindu Wheel is a yoga wheel handcrafted in Croatia. It is designed for those who aim to move the boundaries of their flexibility and for all lovers of functional training and movement, who seek new challenges. It follows the line of the spine perfectly, which is why it is ideal for back relaxation after a workout or a long workday. With its proper and regular use you will notice improvement in your flexibility very soon.

Why use Bindu Wheel?

Bindu Wheel is a reliable partner for both novice and advanced practitioners. If you are only doing your first steps towards greater flexibility and strength, Bindu Wheel will provide you with support in almost every exercise and greatly speed up your progress. For advanced and experienced yogis and athletes, Bindu Wheel represents an additional challenge and offers new possibilities of movement and functional training.

Do you want Bindu Wheel?

We deliver Bindu Wheel to your home address. Take the first step by filling out the order form below, after which you will receive the confirmation of a successful order and payment instructions on your e-mail address.

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Bindu Wheel: challenge your functional training and balance

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Please read before use

Like all other equipment and exercise programs, please use Bindu Wheel Use with caution and after consulting your physician. If you suffer from chronic pain or injury to any part of the body, please consult your physician before using Bindu Wheel. If you feel pain or discomfort while exercising on Bindu Wheel, please stop immediately and consult your physician. Please do not leave children unattended if they are in contact with Bindu Wheel in order to avoid potentially hazardous situations. Please use your Bindu Wheel on a mat to ensure better stability and to protect it from damage that could occur when used on uneven and/or outer surfaces.